Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Mommy

Zane is still learning about gift giving. We were walking through a store the other day and he saw a pretty necklace and wanted me to buy it for him to give to me for Valentine's Day. It was so sweet I almost did it.

I never understood how my mom could say that just being my mom was present enough. I get it now though. The littlest things your kids do are way more special and memorable than anything they could ever buy for me.

He brought home an arts and crafts project from school the other day. I said, "Zane, did you make this for me?" "Yes mommy and the hearts are on there for two reasons. The first reason is because Valentine's day is coming up and so the hearts on there are for the holiday, Valentine's day. The second reason is because I love you."

Seriously, what more could a mom want?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bigger than the Biggest Sun

When I was little I told my mom, "I love you this big" as I stretched out my arms as wide as I could.
She replied, "I love you bigger than our house." And so the competition went on...
"Well, I love you bigger than Wellington."
"I love you bigger than Kansas."
"I love you bigger than the whole United States"
We ended with "I love you bigger than the world." And we still say that to each other today.
So, of course, as soon as Zane was able to talk, I want to recreate the same special exchange. We went back and forth the same way but ended up with,
"I love you bigger than the biggest sun!"
And so that is what I'm naming this blog.