Monday, February 8, 2010

Bigger than the Biggest Sun

When I was little I told my mom, "I love you this big" as I stretched out my arms as wide as I could.
She replied, "I love you bigger than our house." And so the competition went on...
"Well, I love you bigger than Wellington."
"I love you bigger than Kansas."
"I love you bigger than the whole United States"
We ended with "I love you bigger than the world." And we still say that to each other today.
So, of course, as soon as Zane was able to talk, I want to recreate the same special exchange. We went back and forth the same way but ended up with,
"I love you bigger than the biggest sun!"
And so that is what I'm naming this blog.


  1. Is that kind of like I love you no Ralph, I miss you no Margaret?

  2. Yes, Claudia!! And if I ever write a blog and you and I it will be called lunrmunm.